Tweak the XP Search Option

September 1, 2006

I find using Visual Studio’s “Search in Files” option more reliable than using the XP Search option.  This may be why:
“…soon discovered that the standard XP search option will only search files that are registered as being text files. All other files are simply ignored when you try to search for text in a file.

Fortunately, I also found the solution to my problem. The registry contains a setting which you can use to override this standard behavior.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Changing the setting to the above value will search all files for the text you enter. You can of course use RegEdit to do this, or download this registry patch to change this setting.

More registry tweaks can be found here.”
[via Jan’s post]


Software Develoment Team Culture

September 1, 2006

Jan’s take on the art of software development

  1. Develop and maintain a library of common code.
  2. Agree to coding standards. Be flexible, but everthing being equal, try to make all code be as unified as possible.
    1. Avoid tricky code
    2. Keep methods small
    3. Always use descriptive names
    4. No constant values. Use enums or named constants
    5. If it’s not self-evident, comment it.
    6. Hold inspections. Makes developers accountable for their code (following standards), catches bugs, catches opportuntities for code-reuse, teaches other developers.
      1. Coding Standards
      2. Refactoring
      3. Code reuse (is a common function available, can code be added as new common function?
      4. Exception cases. Is code defensive?
      5. Is code self-explanatory or does it need comments?

Preprocess Win32 Messages through Windows Forms

September 1, 2006

Here is how to intercept all windows messages in your forms message queue