Test post

January 16, 2006

Just a test post to test the RSS generated for multiple categories


WordPress Likes and Dislikes

December 21, 2005


  • I Like how the drafts preview in the lower half of the page (No popup)
  • I Like how you can add categories in the sidebar (No popup)
  • Once you figure it out, the ability to upload a file and add a link to the file or use the automatically generated thumbnail, is very nice.

Don’t Likes

  • I Don’t like how the HTML editor doesn’t wrap your lines.
  • I Don’t like how the editor doesn’t offer an underline button. I had to switch to html mode and add the tags to the section headlines myself (I actually switched to my TypePad Blog and used THEIR underline command and saw what HTML was genererated.  I don’t do HTML)
  • I Don’t like how the link popup dialog does not place the default focus in the Link URL: edit box
  • No Undo.  I’ll probably continue to use my own client HTML editor and copy and paste.
  • No spell checking. Again, see my post about a better writing surface
  • No visual links to the RSS feeds for each category.  I can figure out what they are from past experience but I’d like to have the RSS feed link displayed right next to the link to the category page, or at least on the category page itself.

Why WordPress.com ?

December 21, 2005

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging systems.  My only experience is at a contract job for about 5 months.  I used it as my internal blog.  I convinced someone to install it for me but it didnt’ catch on with the rest of the company. My personal website hosting service offered it and I tried turning it on but ran into a snag.  In general, I liked the features with support for multiple categories and pages off the home page.

Not sure what I’ll be posting here but I wanted to check it out.  It would be nice to be able to recommend it to friends and perhaps use it to create home pages for various organizations which I’m currently using Manila for.